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Stauning KAOS whiskey is a remarkable expression of Danish distillation art and innovation. Created by the Stauning Whiskey distillery, this whiskey is known for combining different malt types and ages to create a unique and ground-breaking flavor profile. In this product test, we will explore the unique aroma and taste of Stauning KAOS and give our assessment of this exciting Danish spirit.


Stauning KAOS opens with a complex and intense aroma that immediately catches the eye. The aroma is rich in deep spices, dark chocolate and dried fruits. Notes of vanilla and caramel support the darker shades and add a pleasant sweetness. A subtle smoky character adds depth and complexity to the aroma, and it's clear that great care has gone into creating a balanced and appealing scent profile.


At the first sip of Stauning KAOS, the taste buds are overwhelmed by a symphony of taste experiences. This whiskey is incredibly well structured with a powerful and smooth body. The taste begins with a strong spicy sensation, where pepper and cinnamon meet in harmony with notes of dark fruit and roasted nuts. As the flavor develops, the layers open up to reveal sweeter elements like honey and vanilla. The smoky character blends elegantly with the other flavor notes and gives a deep and sophisticated dimension.

Stauning KAOS' finish is long and satisfying. The spicy elements continue and gradually become gentler, while the sweeter notes continue to dance on the tongue. The aftertaste leaves a warm feeling and a pleasant memory of the different dimensions of taste that were experienced.

Stauning KAOS whiskey is a remarkable achievement of Danish distilling art. Its complex aroma and taste challenge the senses and invite you to an experience out of the ordinary. With an impressive balance of spice, sweetness and smoke, Stauning KAOS delivers a completely unique taste experience that will appeal to whiskey enthusiasts looking for something extraordinary.

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