The Macallan Harmony Series Tasting Set

Welcome to The Macallan Harmony Series Tasting Kit. This collection has been created to take you on a sensual journey through six unique whiskies, each with their own distinct character and flavor profile. Enjoy the experience of The Macallan's craftsmanship and innovation.

Harmony Collection Rich Cacao (44%)

A rich and full-bodied whiskey with notes of dark chocolate and spices.

Nose: Intense aromas of cocoa, vanilla and dried fruit.

Palate: Layered with flavors of dark chocolate, coffee and spices.

Aftertaste: Long and rich with persistent notes of cocoa and spices.

Harmony Fine Cacao (40%)

This version has been created with a focus on the finer cocoa notes, resulting in an elegant and balanced whisky.

Nose: Delicate aromas of cocoa, citrus and honey.

Palate: Taste of light chocolate, nuts and spices.

Aftertaste: Smooth and persistent with a slight sweetness of cocoa and citrus.

Harmony Collection Intense Arabica (44%)

Deep and complex with layers of flavor notes.

Produced with a focus on depth and complexity, achieved through the use of oak casks that contribute to the whiskey's rich flavor profile.

Nose: Rich aromas of coffee, chocolate and spices.

Palate: Flavors of roasted coffee beans, dark chocolate and caramel.

Aftertaste: Long and complex with persistent coffee tones and spices..

Harmony Collection Smooth Arabica (40%)
A soft and round whiskey with mild coffee notes and a slight sweetness of caramel and vanilla.

Nose: Gentle aromas of coffee, vanilla and caramel.

Palate: Taste of creamy coffee, caramel and vanilla.

Aftertaste: Smooth and soft with a sweet finish.

Harmony Collection Amber Meadow (44.2%)

A warm and fruity whiskey with notes of ripe fruit, flowers and a hint of spice.

Nose: Fresh aromas of flowers, honey and ripe fruit.

Palate: Taste of flowers, fruit and a slightly spicy note.

Aftertaste: Long and warm with fruity and spicy notes.

Soft and sweet with a warm finish of spices and roasted nuts that gives a long and pleasant aftertaste.

Harmony Collection Green Meadow (40.2%)

A fresh and lively whiskey with green apples, citrus and a subtle grassy finish.

Nose: Fresh notes of green apples, citrus and grass.

Taste of green apples, citrus and a light herbal note.

Aftertaste: Fresh and crisp with a persistent green and citrusy finish.

The Macallan Harmony Series Tasting Set offers a unique journey through taste and craftsmanship. From the rich chocolate notes of Rich Cacao to the fresh, green notes of Green Meadow, each whiskey in this collection is a celebration of The Macallan's dedication to quality and innovation. Enjoy the harmony in every drop.

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