Stauning Whiskeys Essence with 3x5cl Tasting Set

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Give yourself or a loved one a unique whiskey experience with Stauning Whisky's exclusive 3x5cl tasting set.

Presented in a beautifully designed gift box, this set contains carefully selected samples of the distillery's most iconic and classic malt whiskies.

This set is the perfect introduction to the unique world of Stauning Whisky, ideal for enthusiasts and curious souls who want to sample the distillery's primary flavor notes.

Important information:

  • Contents: 3x5cl bottles of Stauning Whisky's signature malt whiskies
  • Packaging: Exclusive gift box

In the tasting set you will find:

  1. Stauning Rye Whiskey (48%):
    A deeply aromatic experience that starts with the scent of freshly baked rye bread, followed by a rich taste of dried fruits and ripe cherries. Matured for 3-4 years in heavily charred American oak casks, this rye whiskey is beautifully balanced with notes of vanilla and citrus peel, providing a rounded and satisfying taste experience.

  2. Stauning Smoke Single Malt Whiskey (47%):
    For those who appreciate a subtle smoky flavor, this single malt whiskey offers an elegance and sophistication that is rare. Smoked with a unique blend of peat and heather and matured for 5-6 years in a variety of casks including 1st Fill Bourbon, Madeira, Jamaica Rum and Virgin American Oak, this whiskey reveals a complex character full of depth.

  3. Stauning KAOS Triple Malt Whiskey (46%):
    KAOS is a masterful fusion of Stauning No-Smoke Single Malt, Stauning Malted Rye and Stauning Smoked Single Malt. This harmonious blend creates a lightly smoky, spicy and sweet whiskey that stands out for its unique complexity and structure, making it a connoisseur's favourite.

The Perfect Gift:

This 3x5cl tasting set from Stauning Whiskey is the ideal gift for the curious whiskey enthusiast or as an elegant and thoughtful gift for special occasions. With this set, you not only get the opportunity to taste Stauning Whisky's exquisite craftsmanship, but also the chance to explore and compare different flavor profiles side by side.

Order Your Tasting Set Today:

Don't be the one to miss out on this unique opportunity to explore the rich flavor universe of Stauning Whisky. Order your 3x5cl tasting set today and begin your journey through the best that Stauning has to offer.

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