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Discover Stauning Whisky's 'Design Edition' by KAOS – where tradition meets individuality. This masterpiece gives you the freedom to express your unique style by personalizing your Stauning Whiskey bottle with stickers and gold marker, included in each exclusive gift box. Create your own art and enjoy unique Danish whiskey with a twist.

Product features:

  • Type: Stauning KAOS 'Design Edition'
  • Alcohol percentage (ABV): 46%
  • Manufactured: 100% handmade in Denmark
  • Ingredients: Local rye and barley
  • Distillation: Double distilled in pot stills heated over an open fire
  • Aging: New American oak barrels and 1st Fill Maker's Mark barrels
  • Filtering: Unfiltered for an authentic experience
  • Contains: Gift box with stickers and gold marker

Aroma profile:

Dive into a world of aromas where notes of grain, chocolate, oak and caramel meet with a hint of cinnamon. This unique composition invites you on a journey through the landscape of fragrance, where each nuance tells a story of quality and craftsmanship.

Taste experience:

Enjoy a palate that vibrates with flavors: smoked chocolate bar enriched with nuances of nougat, caramel and licorice, balanced with undertones of apple and oak. The lingering aftertaste of smoke fades with a hint of vanilla and dried red fruits, leaving a deep and satisfying finish.

Stunning or Chaos? Choose Both with the 'Design Edition'!

Inspired by Thorvald Stauning's famous slogan, Stauning KAOS 'Design Edition' combines the best of Danish whiskey tradition with an opportunity for personal expression. This limited edition is a tribute to innovation and creativity in the whiskey world.

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