The Macallan Edition 1-6 - Exclusive Limited Edition Tasting Set

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Explore the remarkable range of The Macallan Edition 1 to 6 with this exclusive tasting set.

Each edition in this series is the result of a unique collaborative process that unites the art, science and craft of whiskey making.

From the rich and complex Edition 1 to the deeply aromatic and structured Edition 6, this set offers a fascinating journey through different flavor landscapes and masterful cask selection.


  • 6 x 2 cl bottles: A carefully portioned sample of each edition, presented in a nice Whiskystack bottle.
  • Tasting Notes: Descriptions of each edition's profile and background.

Flavor Profiles:

  • Edition 1: Notes of chocolate, spice and citrus.
  • Edition 2: Rich in aromas of apple, orange and cinnamon.
  • Edition 3: A delicate balance between flowers, fruit and spices.
  • Edition 4: Powerful and expressive with notes of honey and nuts.
  • Edition 5: Sublime hints of vanilla and toffee.
  • Edition 6: Complex layers of dried fruits and spices.

This set is ideal for an in-depth tasting evening, where each edition can be enjoyed on its own to appreciate its individual characteristics, or compared side by side to observe the evolution and differences throughout the series.

Perfect for:

  • Collectors looking for an exclusive addition to their collection.
  • Gift giving on special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays or as an extraordinary host gift.
  • Any whiskey enthusiast who wants to delve deeper into The Macallan's world-class craftsmanship.

With "The Macallan Edition 1 to 6 - Tasting Set" a unique opportunity is offered to experience and compare some of the finest single malts from one of the world's most renowned distilleries. This set is not just a collection of whiskies; it is an experiential journey through innovation, tradition and incomparable quality.

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