Winter whiskey - The warmth in the cold

When the cold of winter takes hold, we seek warmth not only through clothes and hot drinks, but also in the little cozy moments that light up the darkness. Whiskey is such a source of warmth and comfort, a noble drink that tells stories of fire, earth, water and air. Winter is a time when whiskey can really come into its own, with its complex flavor notes and warming glow.

Hibiki Japanese Harmony: An Eastern Masterpiece

This whiskey is like a harmonious symphony of the finest Japanese malt and grain whiskies. With notes of bright fruits and a soft, mellow taste, it brings a balance that is ideal for the reflective moments of winter.

The Macallan 12 Years Old Double Cask: A Treasure of the Highlands

Aged in both American and European sherry casks, this expressive Scottish single malt offers notes of citrus, caramel and nuts. Its rich flavor palette is made for winter celebrations and gatherings. Buy it here .

Glenrothes Whiskey Maker's Edition: Craft and Passion

This unique edition from Glenrothes is created by the distillery's most experienced artisans. With notes of spices, vanilla and fruit, it is a whiskey that invites reflection and enjoyment in front of the fireplace. Buy Whiskey Maker's .

Supreme Round Ice Cubes: The Perfect Accessory

To complete the whiskey experience, the right ice cubes are essential. Our Supreme Round Ice Cubes ensure that your whiskey stays cool, but without the flavor diluting too quickly, so you can enjoy every single drop. See our selection of round ice cubes .

Winter whiskey - The warmth in the cold

Winter is a time for inner warmth and moments of enjoyment. Let these whiskeys and the perfect accompaniment accompany you through the season and create memories that will last well into the new year.

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