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Experience Stauning Whisky's latest innovation, the 'Design Edition' of the beloved Stauning Smoke. This special edition gives you the opportunity to unleash your creativity and create a personalized bottle with stickers and gold marker that comes in the elegant gift box.

Take the chance to design your own unique Stauning Whiskey bottle and make it an expression of your personal style.

Product features:

  • Type: Stunning Smoke 'Design Edition'
  • Alcohol percentage (ABV): 47%
  • Production: Handmade in Denmark, West Jutland
  • Ingredients: Local raw materials, malted on an open floor
  • Smoking: Over peat and heather from the local landscape
  • Distillation: Double-distilled in pot stills over an open fire
  • Aging: 1st Fill Bourbon, Madeira, Jamaica rum and new American oak barrels
  • Filtration: Unfiltered for a real and rich taste experience
  • Contents: Gift box with design stickers and gold marker

Aroma profile:

The inviting scent of sweet tobacco smoke mingles with nuances of raisins, oats and citrus, framing an initial experience full of character and depth.

Taste experience:

Enjoy a palate where the gentle smoke from an open fire meets the elegant notes of citrus and honey. The taste unfolds with rich layers of tobacco, nuts, vanilla and fresh herbs, which together create a harmonious and complex whisky.

Your Stunning, Your Design:

With the 'Design Edition' of Stauning Smoke you are invited into a world where your whiskey is not only to be tasted, but also to express yourself through. Turn your bottle into a work of art and part of your story.

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