Whiskystack.com is a leading online retailer of quality whisky from around the world. Our mission is to give our customers access to a large selection of whiskys in all price ranges and from all the major whisky producers around the world. We believe in offering a premium online shopping experience where our customers can explore different whiskies, learn about their origins and taste, and find the perfect whisky for their taste and budget.

Our range includes a wide selection of whiskies, from classic Scottish single malts and blends to Irish whisky, American bourbon and Japanese whisky. We also offer a range of rare and exclusive whiskys that will satisfy even the most discerning whisky enthusiast.

Our team of experts are passionate about whisky and are always on the lookout for new and exciting whiskys to add to our range. We also ensure that all our whiskys are carefully selected and verified to ensure they meet our strict quality standards.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers a first-class shopping experience, secure payments, and fast and reliable delivery. If you have any questions or need help finding the perfect whisky for your taste, our friendly and experienced customer service team is always ready to help.

Thank you for choosing Whiskystack.com as your whisky shop and we look forward to helping you find your next favorite whisky.


Who is behind Whiskystack?

Whiskystack.com is an online retailer of quality whisky from around the world, run by two passionate whisky enthusiasts: Kristoffer Glerup and Jan Nygaard Hesselby .

Kristoffer and Jan share a great passion for whisky, and their mission with Whiskystack.com is to give their customers access to some of the best whiskys in the world and help them find the perfect whisky for their taste and budget.

Kristoffer is an experienced businessman who has worked in the retail industry with e-commerce, sales and marketing for many years. He has always had a great interest in whisky and is an expert in selecting the best whiskys and creating a wide range that caters to different tastes and price ranges. Kristoffer is also responsible for the day-to-day operations, purchasing, storage, marketing and sales at Whiskystack.com.

Jan has a background in technology and marketing and has worked with e-commerce for many years. He is a passionate whisky enthusiast who has built up a deep knowledge of whiskys and their origin, taste and aroma. Jan is also responsible for the operation and technical development of Whiskystack.com.

Together, Kristoffer and Jan have created a company that reflects their shared passion for whisky, and which offers customers a first-class online shopping experience. They work closely with producers and wholesalers from all over the world to ensure that their range is always up-to-date and includes the best and most interesting whiskies.

In addition to running Whiskystack.com, Kristoffer and Jan also organize tastings and events where they share their passion for whisky with other enthusiasts and help them learn more about this fascinating drink.

If you are looking for quality whisky and the expertise of two passionate whisky enthusiasts, Whiskystack.com is definitely worth a visit.

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