The story behind

It all started with a shared passion for whisky and an interest in what the many different types, brands and much more could offer. WHISKYSTACK consists of 3 passionate whisky drinkers and connoisseurs who value enjoying a glass of good whisky. We all started out with a special interest in Macallan and since then have always enjoyed the fantastic drops. To this day, we have expanded our horizons and regularly taste the many different releases from the many distilleries in the world.


Besides enjoying a bottle of good whisky, we have all invested in whisky from different brands. Investing in whisky has proven over time to be a really good idea, as the supply of the limited releases will always decrease, while the demand has been steadily increasing for many years. That is why we also spend a lot of time selecting and offering exactly the bottles we believe have a potential financial increase in the future. We strive to be your preferred whisky supplier, regardless of whether you are looking for a good investment or a great taste experience.

Whisky for every occasion

We do not believe that whisky is reserved for special occasions or should otherwise be hidden away. It can be the missing element in your favorite drink, enjoyed chilled or at room temperature. We enjoy a glass ourselves on summer evenings, for Christmas lunch, with coffee, together with family and friends and much more.

The uniqueness of whisky

Let's just say it: Whisky is absolutely unique! No two taste the same, all have their own unique taste and aroma. Some are aged in sherry casks, some in oak casks and others in something completely third, all of which contribute to the final taste experience.

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