The Macallan Amber Meadow - A tribute to Scotland's lush nature

There is something magical about Scotland's countryside - the rolling grasslands, the ripe barley swaying in the wind and the smell of fresh green grass filling the air. It is not only a beautiful sight, but also an endless source of inspiration. This is exactly what The Macallan distillery has managed to capture in their latest whiskey release: The Macallan Amber Meadow.

Macallan Harmony Collection Amber Meadow

Created in collaboration with the acclaimed McCartney sisters, Mary and Stella, The Macallan Amber Meadow is the result of a shared passion for the lush, fertile Scottish countryside. Mary, a noted photographer and film producer, and Stella, a talented fashion designer, are both daughters of the legendary Paul McCartney of The Beatles. This collaboration has brought a unique creativity and respect for nature to this new whisky.

McCartney sisters, Mary and Stella

To pay tribute to their deep connection with nature, The Macallan distillery has recycled grass clippings from the Scottish meadows to create both the presentation box and the labels on the bottles. Every detail reflects the authenticity and naturalness of the Scottish landscape.

The Macallan Amber Meadow - A tribute to Scotland's lush nature

This single malt whiskey is matured in both sherry seasoned oak and bourbon casks. This unique aging technique captures the essence of sun-warmed meadows and mature barley fields, creating a flavor profile as rich and inviting as the landscape itself. The rich, citrus-scented aftertaste is just the icing on the cake of this unique experience.

The Macallan Amber Meadow is more than just a whisky; it is a tale of love for the Scottish countryside. So next time you pour a glass, close your eyes, take a sip and let the taste take you on a journey through Scotland's lush meadows and barley fields. Who knew a whiskey could contain so much more than just alcohol?


So here's to nature, here's to Scotland and here's to The Macallan Amber Meadow - a whiskey that manages to bring the best of the Scottish countryside straight to your glass.

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