Supreme Round ice cubes 6 pcs. Ø4.5 cm

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Our unique round ice cube mold with room for 6 ice cubes! This mold combines the best of both worlds - the bottom is made of durable solid PP plastic, while the top is made of flexible silicone. It allows you to create perfect, round ice cubes that enhance the taste and style of your favorite drinks. The ice cube mold makes 6 ice cubes with a diameter of 4.5 centimeters.

Our supreme ice cube molds are all designed to last for many years. Therefore, the entire series is made of materials that last over time, do not lose their shape and, not least, can withstand the dishwasher and the daily wear and tear it must be exposed to.

Supreme Round ice cubes 6 pcs. Ø4.5 cm

Main features:

  1. Six round ice cubes: The mold has room for 6 ice cubes, so you can prepare several drinks at a time or have ice cubes ready for your guests.

  2. PP Plastic and Silicone: It combines the durability of PP plastic with the flexibility of silicone, making it easy to use and easy to release the ice cubes.

  3. Dishwasher safe: Save time on the dishes! Our ice cube mold is dishwasher safe, so you can easily clean it after use.

  4. BPA-free material: Your health is important to us. That's why this ice cube mold is made of BPA-free material, which ensures that your ice cubes remain free of harmful chemicals.

  5. Improved drinking experience: The round ice cubes melt slowly so your drinks stay cold without diluting the taste.

How to use it:

  1. Fill the mold: Pour water into the round molds created from flexible silicone.

  2. Attach the top part: Place the top of the mold over the silicone parts so that the ice cubes get the desired round shape. Fill the top using the funnels provided.

  3. Freeze: Put the mold in the freezer and let the ice cubes freeze until they are completely solid.

  4. Pop the ice cubes: When the ice cubes are ready, take the mold out of the freezer, remove the top and gently press the bottom of the PP plastic to release the ice cubes. They come out easily without any difficulty.

  5. Enjoy: Enjoy your perfect, round ice cubes in your favorite drinks and enhance your drinking experience.

Enhance your drinking experience with our Round Ice Cube Mold that creates elegant ice cubes that both keep your drink cold and add style. With space for 6 ice cubes and durable material, this mold is the perfect solution for any occasion.

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Supreme Round Ice Cubes

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