Glenlivet Distillery - Pioneers of Speyside Whisky

In the scenic landscape of the Scottish Highlands, surrounded by rolling hills and clear streams, lies Glenlivet Distillery - a true icon of Scotch single malt whisky. From its humble beginnings in the 19th century, Glenlivet has grown into one of the most recognized and popular whiskey brands in the world, and the distillery has been a true pioneer in the development of Speyside-style whisky.

History and Heritage

The history of Glenlivet Distillery begins in the early 19th century, at a time when most of the Scotch whiskey production was illegal. George Smith, the founder of Glenlivet, was one of the first distillers in Scotland to acquire a legal distilling licence, laying the foundation for the distillery we know today. For over two centuries, Glenlivet Distillery has been committed to producing high quality single malt whiskey that respects traditional Scottish distillation methods.

The production

Glenlivet is known for their classic Speyside style whisky, which is typically characterized by being fruity and floral with hints of honey and vanilla. This is achieved through a careful production process that includes malting, fermentation, distillation in pot-stills and aging in oak barrels. Glenlivet is known for using a wide range of casks for maturation, including American oak, French oak and sherry casks, which add an extra dimension to the flavor profile of their whiskies.

Whiskey Assortment

Glenlivet offers a wide range of whiskies, from their signature 12 year old single malt to their exclusive and rare older editions. Of particular note is their Nadurra range, which is non-chill filtered and bottled at cask strength, offering a more intense and natural taste experience.

Location of the distillery

Located in the Speyside region, one of Scotland's most prominent whiskey regions, Glenlivet Distillery is surrounded by a landscape of outstanding natural beauty. Visitors can take part in guided tours where they can learn about the history of the distillery, see the distillation process up close and of course taste some of their excellent whiskies.

Glenlivet Distillery has played a central role in shaping the Scotch whiskey industry into what it is today. With their uncompromising focus on quality, respect for tradition and willingness to innovate, Glenlivet has created a legacy that has defined Speyside whisky. Whether you're a long-time whiskey lover or new to this fascinating world, Glenlivet is a name you should know.

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