Stauning Whiskey - The re-creation of Danish distilling history

Stauning Whisky: The re-creation of Danish distilling history

Stauning Whiskey is not just a whisky, but a testament to the Danish past and the innovative spirit of modern life. Located in the West Jutland countryside near the town of Stauning, since its inception in 2005 this distillery has been on a journey to create unique and authentic whiskey experiences.

The story behind Stauning Whisky

Stauning Whiskey was founded by nine local friends with different backgrounds - from doctors to teachers - but with a shared passion for whisky. The idea for the distillery, like many other great ideas, came up over a dinner together with a glass of good whiskey.

They decided to take the step and establish their own distillery that reflects the Danish tradition and local character. The place's name, Stauning, was chosen to acknowledge the place where it all started - the rural town of Stauning in West Jutland.

From hobby to international recognition

Stauning Whiskey started in a small fishing village, but has since grown into a world-renowned distillery. The first few years were a time of experimentation, patience and learning. From distilling whiskey in an old slaughterhouse, Stauning Whiskey is today based in a state-of-the-art distillery.

Thanks to an investment from Diageo, the world's largest alcohol producer, in 2015, Stauning has been able to expand production dramatically. But despite this increase in scale, they have managed to maintain their core values ​​- quality over quantity, local touch and traditional distillation methods.

Unique production methods

Stauning Whiskey stands by their use of traditional methods. All steps in the production take place on site - from malting the malt, fermentation, distillation, to storage and bottling. The distillery malts its own barley in the traditional way, something that very few distilleries in the world do today.

The distillery uses directly heated pot stills, an old-fashioned method that is labor-intensive and time-consuming, but results in a deeper, more complex flavor. The whiskey that is produced is of the Single Malt type, which means that all the whiskey comes from the same distillery and is distilled from malted barley.

The Stauning Whiskey range

Stauning Whiskey has several different series. Their 'Research Series' is their playground for experimenting with different grains, yeasts, casks and distillation techniques. The 'Core Range' includes Stauning KAOS, a blend of their smoked and non-smoked whiskies, Stauning Rye, a 100% rye whisky, and Stauning Peat, a smoked malt whisky.

Each bottle of Stauning Whiskey is a reflection of the Danish landscape, traditions and innovation. With its commitment to authenticity and quality, Stauning Whiskey has managed to put Denmark on the world whiskey map.

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