Angel's Share - The Mysterious Evaporation from Whiskey Barrels

Whiskey is more than just a spirit, it is a product of time, patience and tradition. One of the most poetic and enigmatic aspects of whiskey production is the concept of "Angel's Share". But what is this mysterious part and why does it play an important role in the formation of the world's finest spirits?

What Is Angel's Share?

Angel's Share refers to the amount of whiskey that evaporates from the casks while the whiskey ages. This happens when the whiskey interacts with the wood the barrel is made of and then evaporates through the wood's pores to the environment. Over time, this loss can be significant, especially in regions with warm climates.

Why Is It Important?

  1. Taste development:
    As the whiskey evaporates, it also allows unwanted components to disappear, resulting in a cleaner, more balanced taste.

  2. Concentration:
    Evaporation can increase the concentration of certain flavors in the whisky, creating a deeper and more intense flavor profile.

  3. Economic Impact:
    Distilleries must account for Angel's Share in their financial forecasts as it reduces overall production output.

Angel's Share around the world

The rate of evaporation varies based on geographical and climatic conditions. In humid climates, such as in Scotland, Angel's Share may consist primarily of alcohol, leading to a decrease in alcohol percentage over time. In drier climates, such as in parts of the United States, water can evaporate faster than alcohol, resulting in an increase in alcohol percentage.


Angel's Share is not just a loss for the distilleries; it is a natural part of the whiskey aging process, contributing to the final flavor and character of each bottle. This poetic phenomenon reminds us that good things take time and that nature plays a central role in the creation of our favorite spirits.

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