Dram - A Unit of Enjoyment in the Whiskey World

As you move through the world of whisky, you will undoubtedly come across the word 'dram'. For some it is a goal, for others part of a tradition, but for all it is an invitation to enjoy and celebrate the culture of whisky.

What is a Dram?

The word 'dram' in its original context refers to an ancient unit of weight, but in today's whiskey culture it has become a term for a portion of whiskey. The exact amount can vary, but typically a dram is equivalent to a single shot or a small amount of whiskey served to be enjoyed and shared.

The origin of drama

Although the dram as a unit of measurement can trace its roots back to ancient Greece, the use of the term in the world of whiskey is deeply rooted in Scotland. Here, the word 'dram' has long been synonymous with a generous serving of the country's national drink, regardless of whether it is as a welcome drink, a celebration or simply to end the day.

Drammen in Culture

In Scotland and many other places around the world, taking a "wee dram" – a small pour of whiskey – has become more than just drinking. It's a tradition, a gesture of hospitality, and a way to celebrate life's big and small moments.

Many Scottish events, especially Burns Night, which celebrates the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns, include the tradition of taking a dram. It is a time for reflection, gratitude and togetherness, often accompanied by toasts, songs and poetry.


A dram is more than just a quantity of whisky; it is an expression of the culture, tradition and deep respect for this noble spirit. Being offered a dram is not only an invitation to drink, but also to participate in an age-old tradition that celebrates the life and art of whiskey making.

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