Whiskey Ginger Ale

Today, a truly special cocktail recipe is being shared that will take anyone's Whiskey Ginger experience to the next level. This recipe uses the luxurious element of The Macallan 12 Years Old Double Cask Whiskey to refine the classic cocktail.

The ingredients to be used are:

  • 3 parts Fever-Tree Ginger Ale
  • 1 part The Macallan 12 Years Old Double Cask Whisky
  • Lots of ice cubes
  • A slice of fresh orange

This version of Whiskey Ginger is simple but elegant. Let's get started!

First, a highball glass is filled with copious amounts of fresh ice cubes. The importance of ice cannot be stressed enough – it is the key to a truly cool and refreshing cocktail!

Next, 1 part The Macallan 12 Years Old Double Cask Whiskey is poured over the ice. This excellent whiskey has a balanced profile with notes of honey, fruit and spices which add a sophisticated depth to the cocktail.

The next step is to add 3 parts Fever-Tree Ginger Ale to the glass. This ginger ale brings a pleasant sweetness and a hint of ginger spice that complements the taste of The Macallan whiskey perfectly.

Once the ginger ale has been added, stir the cocktail gently. This ensures a harmonious mixture of the flavors, but it is important not to stir too much, as this can make the cocktail flat.

To complete the masterpiece, add a slice of fresh orange or lime. The fresh orange/lime gives a lovely touch of freshness and balances the rich and complex profile of the whisky.

Whiskey Ginger Ale

And voila! A refreshing and luxurious Whiskey Ginger has now been created with The Macallan 12 Years Old Double Cask. This is the perfect cocktail to enjoy a quiet evening at home or to impress guests at the next party. Cheers!

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