Aberlour Whiskey - An In-Depth Into Scotland's Whiskey Heritage

Aberlour is one of the most recognized Scotch single malt whiskies, known for its rich flavour, complexity and Scottish tradition. Located in the heart of the Speyside region, Aberlour stands as a magnificent example of classic Scotch whiskey production.


The Aberlour Distillery was founded in 1826 by James Gordon and Peter Weir. Over the years it has seen several changes, including destruction by fire, but it has always rebuilt and continued its tradition of creating exceptional whiskies. Its long history testifies to a deep understanding of the art of distillation and a passion for perfection.

The production process

Aberlour places great importance on the quality of their ingredients. The water source for Aberlour comes from Ben Rinnes mountain and it is renowned for its purity and mineral richness. The barley malt, another key ingredient, is carefully selected to ensure it is of the right quality.

A distinctive feature of Aberlour is its maturation process. The whiskey is often aged in both American oak casks and European sherry casks. This gives an interesting depth and complexity to the finished whisky, with notes of dried fruit, spice and chocolate, combined with the traditional smoky milk caramel.

Flavor profiles

Depending on the age and the specific edition, Aberlour whiskey can vary in taste and aroma. In general, you can expect a deep golden color with a rich and fruity nose. On the palate, Aberlour will typically present notes of red fruit, spices, chocolate and sometimes a hint of smoke.

Popular editions

  • Aberlour 12 Years : This is one of the most popular and available editions. It combines the best of sherry and bourbon cask maturation, resulting in a rich and balanced taste.

  • Aberlour 16 Years : For those looking for a little more complexity, this edition offers a deeper flavor with prominent notes of dark chocolate and ripe fruits.

  • Aberlour A'Bunadh : This cask strength release is not aged but is known for its powerful and immediate taste. It is a tribute to traditional Scotch whiskies.


Aberlour is a jewel in the Scotch whiskey industry. Its rich history, commitment to quality and dedication to tradition make it a favorite among novices and seasoned whiskey enthusiasts alike. For those seeking an authentic Scottish experience, Aberlour is definitely worth exploring.

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