Glen Scotia - The Forgotten Jewel of Campbeltown

When talking about Scotch whisky, the regions of Islay, Speyside and the Highlands are often the first to come to mind. But the small town of Campbeltown, located on the Kintyre Peninsula, has a proud distilling history dating back to the 19th century. Despite the town once being home to over 30 distilleries, today only three remain. One of these is Glen Scotia, an often overlooked jewel that produces some of the most distinct and fascinating whiskeys in the world.

The story behind Glen Scotia

Founded in 1832, Glen Scotia has had a changing fortune over the years. Despite changing owners and periods of inactivity, the distillery has managed to maintain its unique character and tradition of whiskey making. This makes Glen Scotia a true representative of the Campbeltown style, which is known for its salty, maritime character combined with light smokiness and a complex fruity sweetness.

Production and character

Glen Scotia has retained many of its traditional production methods, including the use of old, oval washbacks (fermentation vessels) and the traditional copper pot stills. The maritime location of Campbeltown also contributes to the whiskey's distinctive character. The sea breeze, which constantly seeps into warehouses, gives the whiskey a unique salty note that sets it apart from other Scotch whiskies.

The most popular expressions from Glen Scotia include their Double Cask, a combination of bourbon and sherry aged whisky, and their 15 year old, which is known for its depth and complexity.

The future of Glen Scotia

With a growing demand for authentic and artisanally produced whiskey worldwide, Glen Scotia is well placed to capitalize on its history and quality. The distillery continues to innovate, but always with a deep respect for its past.

In conclusion, Glen Scotia is not just a tribute to Campbeltown's rich distilling history, but also a testament to the strength of tradition and innovation. For those seeking a unique and unforgettable whiskey experience, a visit to this forgotten gem in Campbeltown is a must.

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