Bowmore Distillery - An Icon in Scotch Whisky

Since 1779, Bowmore Distillery has been known as one of the oldest and most prestigious producers of Scotch whisky. Located on the island of Islay, Bowmore has earned an undisputed place in the hearts of whiskey lovers worldwide.

Bowmore Distillery is famous for its rich history and dedication to traditional whiskey making. The factory sticks to the traditional malting process, with around 40% of its barley malted in house. This requires careful monitoring and patience, but the result is an incomparable quality of taste that Bowmore whiskey is known for.

Bowmore whiskey is known for its distinctive smoky, maritime profile, which comes from the peat used in the drying process, as well as its proximity to the salty seawater. Although the strength of these notes can vary between different releases, this unique combination of flavor profiles has become a hallmark of Bowmore.

Bowmore's portfolio is diverse, with several series and special editions available. From the relatively affordable Bowmore No.1, to the more mature and complex Bowmore 18 Year Old, and right up to the more rare and precious releases such as the Bowmore 1966 50 Year Old, there is a Bowmore whiskey for every taste and budget.

One of the most impressive features of Bowmore Distillery is its warehouses, specifically the No.1 Vaults. This is the oldest warehouse in Scotland and the only one located below sea level. The unique environment here contributes to the complex maturation process that Bowmore whiskeys go through. It is these unique conditions that help shape the deep and complex flavor known and loved by Bowmore enthusiasts worldwide.

With over two centuries of experience and an impeccable dedication to quality and tradition, Bowmore Distillery has proven its status as a true pioneer in Scotch whisky. Whether you are new to whiskey or a seasoned collector, a visit or tasting at Bowmore is not just recommended, it is an absolute must for any whiskey lover.

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