Wolfburn Distillery - Heritage Reborn in Scotland's Highland Single Malts

Nestled in the unspoilt countryside of Thurso, Caithness, Wolfburn Distillery stands as a testament to Scotland's vibrant whiskey-making heritage. Revived in 2013 after nearly 150 years of inactivity, the distillery marks the rebirth of the lost Wolfburn heritage while carving out a new identity. This article delves into the fascinating journey of Wolfburn Distillery, highlighting its history, contemporary revival and the rich, distinctive single malts that whiskey connoisseurs the world over are raving about.

Historical Roots

The original Wolfburn Distillery was established in 1821 and quickly became one of the largest distilleries in Scotland. The distillery, located on the banks of the Wolf Burn river, took its name from here. Despite a successful start, production was mysteriously discontinued around 1872.

A new beginning

After more than a century of inactivity, the Wolfburn heritage was reborn in 2013. A group of whiskey enthusiasts decided to build a new distillery close to the old site, on the same Wolf Burn river. The new building adheres to the traditional manufacturing method while taking modern quality standards into account.

From grain to glass

Wolfburn's unique approach to whiskey making starts with carefully selected malts that are fermented and distilled in handcrafted equipment. Spirits are aged in selected oak casks and matured to perfection in the cool Scottish climate. The distillery produces both peated (smoked) and unpeated (non-smoked) whisky, giving a range of flavor profiles.

The whiskey selection

Wolfburn's whiskey range ranges from classic, rich single malts to more complex and nuanced varieties. Among the favorites is "Northland", the first whiskey from the reborn distillery, which is a deep, round malt whiskey with notes of fruit, caramel and light smoke. "Aurora" is another remarkable variety that matures in sherry casks and offers a rich and full flavor experience.

The future of Wolfburn

Although Wolfburn Distillery is relatively new to the Scotch whiskey landscape, it has already made a big impact. With a relentless focus on quality and tradition, while taking into account the tastes of modern consumers, Wolfburn is well equipped for the future.

The story of the reborn Wolfburn is both a tribute to Scotland's rich whiskey past and a sign of the industry's bright future. For whiskey enthusiasts worldwide, Wolfburn represents a unique opportunity to experience a piece of Scotland's lost distilling history while enjoying an exquisite dram of Highland single malt.

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