Glenfarclas Distillery - Family owned Scottish Whiskey tradition

Nestled in the heart of Scotland's Speyside region, you'll find Glenfarclas Distillery - a family-owned distillery with one of the longest traditions of single malt whiskey production. Known for its distinctive sherry bomb style and commitment to traditional whiskey production, Glenfarclas has gained international recognition as one of Scotland's most respected whiskey producers.

History and Heritage

Glenfarclas, meaning "valley of the green grass" in Gaelic, was originally founded in 1836. In 1865 the distillery was bought by John Grant and has been in the Grant family ever since. This makes Glenfarclas one of the few independent family distilleries still active in Scotland, and their long history is embedded in every drop of whiskey they produce.

The production

Glenfarclas is famous for their dedication to traditional whiskey production techniques. They use directly heated copper pot stills, a method that is no longer widely used, but which they believe produces a superior quality spirit. The main element of their whiskey is the use of sherry-aged oak casks, giving Glenfarclas its signature rich, fruity and complex flavor profile.

Whiskey Assortment

Glenfarclas offers a wide range of aged whiskies, from their classic 10 year old to their impressive 40 year old, as well as a range of special releases. They are particularly known for their "Family Cask" series, a unique collection of vintage single cask whiskies, each representing a single year from 1952 to the early 2000s.

Visit the distillery

For whiskey enthusiasts who want to delve deeper into the history and tradition of Glenfarclas, the distillery is open to visitors. Here they offer a range of guided tours and tastings where guests can explore the distillery, learn about their production process and of course taste some of their excellent whiskies.

Glenfarclas represents one of the last bastions of family-owned whiskey production in Scotland. Their commitment to quality, tradition and family values ​​is reflected in every single bottle they produce. For fans of sherry-influenced whisky, Glenfarclas is a must-try - a true Speyside classic.

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