Glenrothes Distillery - Innovation in Scottish Single Malt Whisky

Located in the famous Speyside region of the Scottish Highlands, Glenrothes Distillery stands as a tribute to innovation and quality in whiskey production. Known for its method of selecting whiskeys based on maturity rather than age, Glenrothes has carved a niche for itself among single malt whiskey enthusiasts worldwide.

History and Heritage

Glenrothes was established in 1879 in the town of Rothes. Since then, the distillery has undergone several changes and renovations, but it has always remained committed to creating exceptional Speyside whiskies. This commitment is rooted in the distillery's belief that it is not age but quality and maturity that defines a great whisky.

The production

Glenrothes' approach to whiskey production is both traditional and innovative. The distillery uses traditional methods such as pot stills and oak aging, but differs by choosing its whiskey releases based on maturity rather than age. This means that each bottle of Glenrothes whiskey is a unique expression of the specific year in which it was distilled.

Whiskey Assortment

Glenrothes' range includes a number of releases selected by their Master Blender. From "The Soleo Collection", which is a range of aged whiskies, to their "Reserve Collection", which includes some of their most exceptional matured expressions, there is a Glenrothes whiskey for every taste.

Visit the distillery

A visit to Glenrothes Distillery is an opportunity to delve deeper into the fascinating world of single malt whisky. The distillery offers guided tours that give visitors an insight into their unique distillation process and a chance to taste some of their fine whiskies.

Glenrothes Distillery is more than just a whiskey producer. It is a place where tradition meets innovation and where passion for whiskey goes hand in hand with an unwavering commitment to quality. For those looking for a single malt whiskey that breaks with tradition, Glenrothes is an obvious choice.

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