Teeling Whiske - The New Era of Irish Whiskey

In the heart of Dublin, where the Irish whiskey tradition has its deep roots, there is a distillery that breathes new life into an old art: Teeling Whiskey.

The story :

The Teeling family has been involved in whiskey production since 1782, when Walter Teeling founded a distillery in Dublin's Marrowbone Lane. Although the original business was sold in the 19th century, the flame was rekindled in 2012 when Jack and Stephen Teeling, descendants of Walter, founded the Teeling Whiskey Company.

Pioneering Spirit :

Teeling differs from other distilleries by experimenting with production and storage. While many Irish whiskeys are triple-distilled, Teeling also offers double-distilled varieties, giving a stronger flavor profile. In addition, the distillery is known for using unique casks for maturation, including former rum, port and wine casks, all of which contribute to a distinct finish.

Sustainability :

Teeling Whiskey is also known for its sustainability efforts. The distillery prioritizes green energy and tries to minimize its climate footprint. Their focus on sustainability extends right from the production process to the final bottle.

Prices and Reviews :

Teeling has received many awards worldwide for its unique and innovative whiskies. This is proof that the distillery's combination of traditional expertise and innovation creates exceptional products.

Conclusion :

With a rich history, a desire for innovation, and a firm eye on the future, Teeling Whiskey represents the new era of Irish whiskey. It's a balance between respect for the past and a passion for exploring new horizons that makes Teeling a must-try for any whiskey enthusiast.

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