Bowmore 18 Year Old Whisky

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Deep on the rolling shores of Islay rests a jewel of Scottish craftsmanship and refinement - Bowmore 18 Years. This unique single malt whiskey is a tribute to the art and care of the time, where the characteristic Islay smoke is woven together with subtle layers of complexity and depth.

70 cl. - 43%

When you lift the glass to your lips, the aromas embrace your senses like a saltwater breeze. The first notes of smoked wood and seaweed evoke memories of a walk along Islay's coastline. This creates an irresistible atmosphere of island essence. Shades of dried fruit and dried flowers soon follow, adding a sweet balance to the distinctive smoke.

The first mouthful of Bowmore 18 Års awakens the taste buds with a harmonious symphony of flavours. The sophisticated smoke paves the way for a complex dance of deep chocolate, delicate vanilla and slightly spicy oak. On the tongue, a subtle fruitiness unfolds, where juicy oranges and dark berries reveal themselves, like a secret glimpse of the sun behind the rain clouds.

The aftertaste of Bowmore 18 Års you will find a lasting memory of Islay's terroir. The smoky character becomes more intense, as if it wants to preserve its history in your taste buds. It leaves a seductive balance of sweetness and spice on your palate and reminds you of the time spent with care and patience to produce this masterpiece.

Bowmore 18 Years is not just a whisky; it is a journey through Islay's deepest treasures and a celebration of the subtle influence of time on taste. This elegant single malt is designed to take you on a sensual journey where every drag and sip reveals new layers of complexity. It's a tribute to smoky seduction and a reminder that some things get better with age.

Experience Bowmore 18 Years today and discover the skillful interplay between time, nature and human talent that unites in this extraordinary whisky.

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