Glenrothes 18 Years

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18 year old single malt from Glenrothes, released as part of the Soleo Collection. This range is named after the process of sun-drying grapes to make sherry in Jerez, and as such you can expect plenty of sherry notes throughout the range.

This has a very high proportion of first fill sherry aged oak cask matured whiskey at its core.

"It takes time and teamwork to deliver a product like The Glenrothes 18 Year Old. All of us who have helped create and mature it are extremely proud of this sophisticated whisky."


Culture Conventional
Type Whiskey
Subarea Speyside
Whiskey type Single Malt
Whiskey smoke
Country Scotland
Plug type
Bottle size 70 cl
alcohol % 43.00


Orange oil, vanilla beans, pear and almonds.

Sweet, ginger, rose water, pears and vanilla.

"Glenrothe's 18 year old is one of the best whiskeys I have ever tasted. It has a lovely, complex flavor with notes of sherry, dried fruit, vanilla and oak. The color is golden and the aromas are delicious and inviting.

The mouthfeel is soft and full, with a taste of sweetness from the sherry balanced by a slight bitterness from the oak. The aftertaste is long and pleasant, with a pleasant warmth in the throat.

Glenrothe's 18 years is a whiskey that really shows what a good whiskey can be. It's a whiskey worth enjoying alone or with friends, and it's also perfect for making cocktails with. I would definitely recommend this whiskey to anyone who loves a good, quality whisky." - Tina Hansen

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