Hazelburn 9 Year old Barolo cask

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Hazelburn 9 Year old Barolo Cask 2016 is an exclusive whiskey that has been carefully matured in Barolo casks to create a unique taste experience. This bottle is a real treat for your taste buds and will enchant even the most discerning whiskey enthusiast.

The taste of Hazelburn 9 Year old Barolo Cask is delicate and complex. It offers well-balanced nuances of red fruits, berries, spices and a subtle sweetness that is enhanced by the elegant touch of the Barolo wine barrels. Each sip is a journey through layers of flavor that leaves a long-lasting and satisfying aftertaste.

The aroma of this whiskey is seductive and inviting. The aroma of fresh fruits, vanilla and light spices awakens your senses and prepares you for the unique taste experience that awaits.

With only 10,800 bottles produced, Hazelburn 9 Year old Barolo Cask 2016 is a rare and sought after bottle for collectors and whiskey enthusiasts. Add this exclusive whiskey to your collection and be proud to own a limited edition bottle.

Buy a bottle today and experience the delicate taste, seductive aroma and exclusive quality that characterize Hazelburn 9 Year old Barolo Cask 2016. Whether you want to treat yourself or give an unforgettable gift, this bottle will deliver a whiskey experience above the usual.

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