Highland Park

Highland Park Søren Solkær 26 Years old

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Experience an exclusive and unique whiskey with Highland Park Søren Solkær 26 years. This rare release is a masterpiece created by the collaboration between Highland Park, one of Scotland's most renowned distilleries, and world-renowned photographer Søren Solkær.

Highland Park Søren Solkær 26 years is an exquisite single malt Scotch whiskey that has matured for 26 years and developed a deep and complex character. You will be captivated by its richness, balance and subtle nuances. Every drop of this whiskey is a true celebration of time, craftsmanship and dedication.

This limited release comes in a beautifully designed bottle that bears Solkær's iconic artwork and provides a visual insight into the deep connection between art and whisky. It is not only a fantastic drinking experience, but also a work of art in itself.

With Highland Park Søren Solkær 26 years you get a unique opportunity to experience a unique whiskey that is rare and exclusive. Enjoy it on your own and immerse yourself in its complexity, or share it with friends and create unforgettable moments.

Limited number of bottles are available, so be sure to secure your own bottle of Highland Park Søren Solkær 26 year old and add a true masterpiece to your whiskey collection. This whiskey will be a treasure to cherish and enjoy for many years to come

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