Knob Creek

Knob Creek 9 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon

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Experience the deep and complex character of Knob Creek 9 Years Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon, a preeminent representative of true American bourbon craftsmanship. This is a whiskey that celebrates tradition and quality, aged for nine years to achieve a perfection in taste that is rarely found.

Every drop of this bourbon tells the story of its patient maturation. With nine years of aging, Knob Creek achieves exceptional depth and richness, which is reflected in its dark amber color. This bourbon offers a robust and full flavor profile, where classic bourbon notes of vanilla and caramel are prominent. These sweet undertones are beautifully balanced with warm spices and a distinct oak character, creating a harmonious and inviting taste experience.

The powerful flavor of Knob Creek 9 Years Old is both intense and well-balanced, making it ideal for enjoying neat, on the rocks, or as a cornerstone in sophisticated cocktails. Each sip reveals new layers of flavor that invite exploration and enjoyment.

Knob Creek 9 Years Old is not just a whiskey – it is an expression of craftsmanship, dedication and a tribute to the American bourbon tradition. A must for anyone who values ​​quality and depth in their spirits, this bottle is perfect for special occasions or as an impressive gift for the discerning whiskey connoisseur.

"Knob Creek 9 YO Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey - A Refined Classic"

Territory Kentucky
Culture Operational
Type Whiskey
Subarea Bourbon
Whiskey smoke Very Smoked
Country USA
Plug type Cork stopper
Bottle size 70 cl
alcohol % 50

Knob Creek 9 Years Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon offers a rich and inviting aroma, characterized by deep notes of vanilla and caramel, complemented by hints of spice and a distinct presence of oak. The long aging time contributes to a developed and sophisticated bouquet that invites a deeper exploration of its flavor profiles.

Knob Creek 9 Years Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon presents a rich and complex flavor profile with a robust blend of sweet notes of vanilla and caramel, balanced by spicy nuances and a well-defined oak character. The long aging provides a depth and richness that results in a warm and satisfying finish.

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