The Macallan Classic Cut 2017 to 2023 - Tasting Set

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Experience a journey through taste and time with The Macallan Classic Cut Tasting Set. This carefully selected collection features seven exclusive editions of The Macallan Classic Cut, exciting from 2017 to 2023.

Each bottle in this special series represents a unique vintage, carefully selected for its exceptional quality and distinctive profile. From the intense and powerful 58.4% alcohol of 2017 to the more refined and complex versions that follow, this set offers a rare insight into The Macallan's craft and innovation in whiskey making.


  • 7 x 2 cl. bottles: Perfectly portioned for a true tasting experience of each vintage.
  • Tasting card: Descriptions and notes for each whiskey.

Tasting notes:

From the deep notes of citrus, vanilla and spice in the 2017 edition to the fresh and vibrant notes of orange peel and coriander in the 2023, each whiskey reflects a unique facet of The Macallan's masterful barrel management. Each bottle offers a distinct experience, ideal for sharing and enjoying with other connoisseurs.

This set is perfect for the serious whiskey enthusiast or the novice looking to delve into the world of premium single malt Scotch. Enjoy each sample neat, or with a drop of water to release its full aromatic profile.

Perfect for:

  • Gift giving for special occasions
  • Personal enjoyment and discovery
  • Tasting evenings and social gatherings

Take part in this exclusive journey through The Macallan's vintages and let each drop tell its story of craftsmanship and heritage. "The Macallan Classic Cut 2017 to 2023 - Tasting Set" is more than just whisky; it is a celebration of tradition and innovation.

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