The Macallan Edition No. 6

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The Macallan Edition No. 6 is inspired by the breathtaking landscapes surrounding The Macallan's distillery and warehouses, particularly the vibrant River Spey that borders their estate.

Inspired by the natural wonders of The Macallan Estate

Territory Highlands
Culture Conventional
Type Whiskey
Subarea Speyside
Whiskey type Single Malt
Whiskey smoke Not smoked
Country Scotland
Bottle size 70 cl
alcohol % 48.6
Color Antique brass


The sixth and final release in The Macallan Edition series, Edition No. 6, is inspired by the natural wonders of the legendary River Spey and The Macallan Estate, where each and every cask of The Macallan matures before being hand-selected for use by their expert whiskey makers.

All five different types of barrels used to create the Edition No. 6, is handpicked by The Macallan Whiskey Maker Steven Bremner .

He was inspired by unique stories related to the river and the surrounding landscape. The American and European oak casks have been selected to create a flavor profile that provides a multifaceted experience; from the appealing rich brass color, to the layers of aroma and then the deep and rewarding taste.
The Macallan Edition No. 6


The legendary River Spey runs through the property and is globally renowned as the home of the mighty Atlantic salmon.

The Macallan Ghillie is a guardian of the River Spey and advocates for the conservation of wildlife in and around it. On our one-and-a-half-mile stretch of river, a lucky few can test their skills in hopes of catching - and releasing - wild Atlantic salmon using Hardy's incomparable tackle.

Wild Atlantic salmon are in danger of becoming an endangered species. That's why The Macallan is working with the Atlantic Salmon Trust to help raise awareness of this and support the important conservation work on the River Spey and elsewhere.


Rich fresh fruits, nutmeg, ginger, chocolate, toffee, vanilla and oak.


Plum and sweet orange, cinnamon, nutmeg, balanced oak, toffee and oats.

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