Springbank 17 Year old Sherry Wood 2015

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Springbank 17 Year old Sherry Wood 2015 is a whiskey that represents a perfect harmony between age, cask maturation and sherry influence. With only 9,120 bottles produced, this bottle is not only a sensory experience, but also an investment opportunity.

"The fantastic and very limited 17 YO Springbank whisky! And a great investment!"

Country Scotland
Territory Campbelltown
Type Whiskey
Distilled April 1997
Tapped January 2015
Cask Type Fresh and Refill Sherry Butts and Hogsheads
Number of Bottles 9120
Type Single Malt
Bottle size 70 cl
alcohol % 52.30

The aroma of this whiskey is deep, complex and enticing. The rich aroma of dried fruit, spices, chocolate and oak unfolds in the glass and prepares you for the exclusive taste experience that awaits.

Springbank 17 Year old Sherry Wood 2015 is not only a delight for the palate, but also a potential investment. The limited production and increasing demand make this bottle a sought-after collector's item. Over time, its value can increase significantly, making it an attractive investment for whiskey collectors and investors.

Seize the opportunity to acquire this aromatic masterpiece. Add Springbank 17 Year old Sherry Wood 2015 to your collection and enjoy the unique aroma, unrivaled taste and consider its investment potential. Buy your bottle today and enter a world of exclusivity, taste experiences and potential winnings

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