Springbank 21 Year Old

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Springbank 21 Year old is a whiskey that exudes elegance, depth and exclusivity. With only 3,600 bottles produced, this bottle is not only a sensory experience, but also an investment opportunity for whiskey connoisseurs and collectors.

Country Scotland
Territory Campbelltown
Type Whiskey
Tapped June 2023
Cask Type 45% Bourbon, 20% Sherry, 20% Rum, 15% Port
Number of Bottles  
Type Single Malt
Bottle size 70 cl
alcohol % 46

The taste of this whiskey is sophisticated and well balanced. It offers layers of smoked malt, rich spices, sweet vanilla and fruit notes that unite in a harmonious symphony on the tongue. Each sip gives you a feeling of pure ecstasy and leaves a long-lasting aftertaste that awakens your taste buds.

The aroma of Springbank 21 Year old is a seductive blend of smoke, dried fruit, delicate spices and light notes of oak. The aroma fills the air and invites you to dive into this unique whiskey oasis.

In addition to the unique taste experience, Springbank 21 Year old is also an investment opportunity. With its limited production and increasing popularity, this bottle has become a sought after collector's item. Buy a bottle today and consider its potential value increase over time.

Grab this exclusive opportunity to add Springbank 21 Year old to your collection. Whether you are a seasoned whiskey enthusiast or a novice, this bottle will give you an experience out of the ordinary. Enrich your whiskey journey with the sublime taste, seductive aroma and potential investment returns that come with Springbank 21 Year old.

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