Springbank Local Barley 10 Years 2022

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The Local Barley is an annual publication produced from barley grown in or around Campbeltown. Each year a local farmer is commissioned to grow barley on our behalf to continue producing this limited edition "from grain to glass".

Different farms, barley varieties, cask maturation and the time the whiskey spends in the casks from one batch to the next give our customers a unique taste experience every time.

Spring bank

Producer Springbank Distillery
Country Scotland
Territory Campbelltown
Age 10 years
Year 2011-2021
Alcohol 51.6%
Type Scotch single malt whisky
Bottle 70 cl.
Number of Bottles 15,000
Farm Glencraigs
Bottled May 2021

Springbank - Image from springbank.scot

Image from springbank.scot

Spring bank Local Barley 10 Years 2022 Release is a delicious 10 - year - old single malt that combines a partial bouquet with fruity notes from ex- _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ bour bon - f ad one that gives vanilla and creme now ances . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ The taste is sweet and creamy with hints of honey , syrup and fresh barley water , which is balanced by a light and sweet finish with hints of salted caramel . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ The ne un ic ke u d give l se is produc ed right by usi ng all ok alt dy rked barley , and is a must - have for whiskey ent us i aster . _ _ _ _ _

Springbank 10 Year Old (Local Barley) was distilled in May 2011 and bottled in December 2021. The whiskey is distilled from "local barley" grown on the Kintyre Peninsula, a few kilometers from Springbank.


Hints of biscuits and a grain note reminiscent of malt barns. The bourbon induction is expressed in notes of vanilla cream and vanilla cream. A fruity cherry note develops over time.


The vanilla note from the fragrance develops in the mouth into a scent of sweet, creamy "victoria sponge". There are hints of honey and syrup, balanced with fresh barley water.


A light and sweet taste, with a touch of salted caramel to finish this dram.

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