Springbank Local Barley 9 Year Old 2018

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Springbank Local Barley 9 Year old 2018 is a whiskey that stands out for its subtle complexity and unique character. With a limited production of only 9,700 bottles, this bottle is not only a treat for your senses, but also a potential investment.

"The beautiful and limited 9 YO Local Barley Springbank whisky!"

Producer Springbank Distillery
Country Scotland
Territory Campbelltown
Age 9 years
Year 2018
Alcohol 57.7%
Type Scotch single malt whisky
Bottle 70 cl.
Number of Bottles 9,700
Distilled July 2009
Bottled October 2018
Barley source High Cattadale Farm
Barley type Opic

This whiskey offers a seductive aroma that embraces your nostrils with notes of sweet vanilla, malt, honey and a hint of light smoke. Each fragrance note captures your attention and hints at the exceptional taste experience that awaits you.

The taste of Springbank Local Barley 9 Year old 2018 is nothing less than an explosion of complexity and harmony. The soft and creamy texture weaves together flavor notes of fruit, caramel, roasted nuts and delicate spices. A balanced combination of sweetness and smoke creates a deep and satisfying taste experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Besides its gastronomic appeal, this bottle is also a potential investment. With a limited number of bottles produced, Springbank Local Barley 9 Year old 2018 may become more valuable over time. Whiskey lovers and collectors will appreciate this rare treasure that expresses the craftsmanship and dedication to making an extraordinary whiskey.

Grab this unique opportunity and add Springbank Local Barley 9 Year old 2018 to your collection. Experience the subtle complexity, enjoy the seductive aroma and taste the unrivaled quality. Be part of an exclusive club of whiskey connoisseurs and investors by acquiring this special bottle today

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