Springbank Local Barley 10 years old 2021

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Springbank Local Barley 10 Years 2021 is an exceptional whiskey that represents the craftsmanship and dedication to quality of the prestigious Springbank distillery.

This unique edition differs by using barley grown locally near Campbeltown, which gives a special depth and character to the whisky.

"The fantastic and hard to find 2021 10 YO Local Barley Springbank whiskey"

Producer Springbank Distillery
Country Scotland
Territory Campbelltown
Age 10 years
Year 2021
Alcohol 51.6%
Type Scotch single malt whisky
Bottle 70 cl.
Number of Bottles 15,000
Distilled May 2011
Bottled May 2021
Barley source Glencraigs Farm
Barley type Belgravia

This version has a light peat smoke, with a phenol reading of around 10-15 parts per million, indicating a subtle but noticeable smoky flavor. This has been achieved by drying the malt for 6 hours with peat smoke and then for 30 hours with hot air. Furthermore, this whiskey is distilled 2.5 times, a process that adds complexity and finesse.

Springbank is known for producing three distinct types of whisky: the classic Springbank, Longrow, which is heavily smoked, and Hazelburn, which is unsmoked and triple distilled. Of the small Campbeltown distillery's annual production of around 175,000 litres, Springbank makes up 80%, with Longrow and Hazelburn together making up the remaining 20%.

Springbank is a favorite among whiskey geeks worldwide, not least because it is the only distillery in Scotland that malts all its own barley. The distillery never adds coloring to their whiskey and does not use cold filtration, which ensures a pure and authentic taste experience.

This Springbank Local Barley 2021 is a tribute to traditional distilling methods and the close collaboration with local agriculture. It is a whiskey that deserves to be enjoyed and appreciated for its unique character and quality.

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